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1628 Long Hollow Pike, Gallatin, TN 37066

Memorable Events for Families & Businesses

Bagsby Ranch is a memorable venue for both personal and corporate events in Gallatin, Tennessee. We have hardwood floors, air conditioning, restrooms, a bridal suite and groom quarters, and a catering and prep area. When you first walk through the door, you’ll see a beautiful dual staircase leading up to a balcony that covers the barn. Our venue combines luxury and classic style in a barn and a country setting with elegant lighting and 8′ wide chandeliers.

Side view of Lakefront
Overview of Barnyard
Agricultural Event Center
Street of Agricultural Center
Grayscale Agricultural Event Center

Nostalgia & Luxury

Our beautiful farm combines the charm of a farm with modern luxury, and there are endless photo opportunities. Climate control and the perfect combination of amenities make Bagsby Ranch an excellent setting for any event looking for scenic beauty. There are hotels and restaurants within three minutes of our location.

Your event will have access to tables and Chivari chairs, a PA system and soundboard, lighting, and several ceremony sites both in- and outdoors. We also have a beautiful 3-acre lake with a 30-foot fountain, and a dock where you can hold your ceremony. If you like, you can even have an industrial look with massive iron bolts and other decorative features. You can make the facility whatever you like for a wide range of events.


• Pristine Elegant Country Charm
• Accommodates 400+ Guests
• Twin Balconies with Handcrafted Railings
• 65″ LCD Video Playback & Sound System
• Twin Curved Staircases for an Incredible Entry.
• Black Plank & Stone Fencing Surrounding the Property
• Incredible Photograph Opportunities

• Manicured Lawns & Gardens
• Multiple Ceremony & Event Options Indoors & Outdoors
• Lakefront
• Ability to Choose Your Own Vendors
• ADA Accessible
• Year-Round Accessibility
• Facilities Can Be Elegant Formal to Down Home Country